graphFacebook business pages give you an opportunity to speak directly to your customers via their social networking profiles – and provide you with a platform to listen to their feedback too.

With a fully detailed Facebook business page, you have a single, centralised point of contact from which your customers can check your opening times and address, find out about your latest offers, let you know what they like and dislike about your brand, and share all of that information with their friends.

Creating Brand Advocates

Ultimately, the aim is to create ‘brand advocates’, happy customers who will freely recommend you to their friends, and give you some valuable online real estate by sharing your status updates on to their timelines.

However, it is not always easy to do this – and that is where can help, with experience and expertise to help establish your brand on the social network, or to transform your existing performance through concerted social media marketing efforts.

A good Facebook business page should have:

• Basic information about your business and how to contact you;
• Details of your best-selling and newest products;
• Information about special offers and promotions;
• Customer feedback met with prompt replies.

You may also want to use images and videos to drive further engagement, as these can be more likely to be shared by your followers, particularly if they are humorous.

In contrast, any jokes need to be made in the right tone – and, generally speaking, it is a good idea to only make jokes in good taste, to avoid negative attention.

Strike The Right Balance

Successful business pages also balance marketing messages with more general conversation - remember, Facebook is a social network, and your page should reflect that fact.

Our services can help you to strike the right balance, creating a business page for you that incorporates all of the essential components, and keeping it up to date with your latest information.

From this stable beginning, we can work with you to set the right tone of voice and drive your marketing agenda through interactions with your fans, leading to a greater level of social engagement within your audience as a whole.