adA Facebook paid ad campaign is like a pay per click campaign anywhere else online or, to an extent, any kind of offline advertising.

You set an acceptable budget; you identify the most effective ways to spend that budget; and you assess the performance of your campaign to determine whether it has achieved a positive return on investment or not.

However, Facebook’s unique status as a social network means you have a few extra options, over and above what might be available to you when advertising on other platforms, or in real-world media like newspapers and billboards.

Ad Segmentation

If you’ve never managed a detailed social media ad campaign before, the options might be daunting – you can target users based on several different demographic characteristics, and by certain other defining data contained within their public profile.

To yield the highest possible ROI, you’ll need to know who to target, and how to target them by segmenting your ad campaign properly.

But of course, it’s not just about making sure your message appears in the right place – it’s also about what your ad has to offer.

Ad Text

We can help you to ensure your ad text, within the permitted few words, is providing people with enough of a reason to click and find out more about your brand.

This could mean including some kind of promotion or special offer in the ads you display or, if your product range is strong enough, might simply mean that your ads need to focus on what makes your products desirable and unique.